Meet The Teem

Our Story

It started with a group of golf lovers and a Bachelor party...

When a member of our foursome got engaged, we immediately knew what we would do to celebrate: plan the ultimate golf trip, of course.

Our first step? Creating apparel worthy of the occasion!

To our surprise, our hats were an absolute hit! And we realized that we didn't want Banana Tee's journey to end on that trip. So, we decided to turn what was once a fun way to commemorate a special moment into a brand for fellow golf lovers.

    Some Fun Facts About Us:

    • Based in Austin

    • Team Lowest score: 69

    • Team highest score: 113. It was too hot, swing was being changed, it was too cold, green speeds were inconsistent, new equipment being tried out, etc :)

    • We occasionally: shank, 3-putt, skull, and of course hit a banana

    • Total team hole-in-ones... 0 :(